Our Services

We serve individuals who need a financial advocate during the process and couples looking to work together on their separate financial futures. We keep each spouse’s interests in mind for an equitable solution.


We help you understand alimony and how to plan financially post-divorce.

Division of Property

We help you understand what is available to divide and recommend ways to divide assets that will keep your interests in mind.

Understanding Your Finances

Maybe you weren’t the spouse managing the finances and you don’t understand what you have or where to look. We can help you gain clarity during and after the settlement is complete.

Collaborative Divorce & Mediation

We help you find the best possible solution for a low-conflict divorce.


Understand how dividing the retirement plan works and what you are entitled too.

Separating Emotions from Finances

We help you stay focused and on track about what is important in the process. We help you strip away the emotions to concentrate on the end goals.

Special Issues in Divorce

We have the experience to help with a variety of complex divorce situations.

Divorce After 50

Most likely you’ve had a long-term marriage and the kids are grown. You are nearing retirement with less income earning ability in the years ahead. We can help you answer- “Now what? “

Business Owners

If you are a business owner or the spouse of a business owner and are divorcing, there are considerations that are unique to your situation. You may need a business valuation to determine its’ value and future income and how to protect it so that you can continue running the business or receiving your share of it.

Splitting Assets

During separation and before the final divorce decree there are many ways to be strategic about how to divide assets to put you on the best possible footing for your new future. We help you find the right solutions to get the best outcome.

Post-Divorce Transition Assistance

You’ve signed your settlement agreement. You don’t know what to do first. There are bank accounts, insurance policies, title to the marital home, and retirement accounts that all need some form of action. We can help you stay on track and refer you to any additional professionals you may need.

Meet Jamie Blum

Jamie founded Financial Divorce Solutions after going through her own financially complex divorce. Her background as a CPA, a successful small business owner of two companies and her experience and training as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® make her uniquely qualified to assist those going through divorce understand the financial aspects of divorce and the outcomes of various scenarios with the client’s goals in mind. Jamie has certified as an expert witness in DC Superior Court and has been as an expert on small business transactions. Jamie is collaboratively trained and can act as a financial neutral on your collaborative team. She is also a trained mediator with an emphasis on divorce financial matters and has been certified as an expert witness.

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    Find out how we work with attorneys and mediators on financially complex cases to help you and your client. We bring clarity and strategy to the financial negotiations.