Financial Divorce Solutions (FDS) Process

Complimentary 1/2 Hour Strategy Session / Consultation

We will talk about the various options for getting divorced, where you are in the process, get clarity on the desired outcomes and solutions for you, and we can provide you with any referrals you might need.

Review and sign a statement of work specific to your needs

Your divorce is unique to you. We will discuss how we can best support your case and empower you in the process.

Schedule meetings and timeline for supporting the needs of your case

Time to gather your relevant documents to provide to us via secure, online shared storage.

Do the work required to get you through your divorce in a confident and empowered way

We will complete the data entry, analysis, and report preparation taking into account the specific details of your case and desired outcomes.

Ongoing support

We can provide telephone, email or in-person support for any question that comes up throughout your divorce and after.

Special Issues in Divorce

Are you nearing retirement and facing a divorce? Find out how we can help you be strategic about dividing assets and planning for retirement.

If you are a business owner or are divorcing a business owner there are many special considerations for how to handle the business and income. We help you find the best possible solution for your divorce.

We help you find peace of mind by creating a plan for your separation, pre-divorce and post-divorce finances.

We Help You Navigate Your Finances Today and For Your Future.