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As a mediator, you are committed to being a neutral party in the process of a couples’ divorce, and to guide them through the issues at hand. The complex nature of dividing marital assets can often prove challenging within mediation, especially for couples where financial acumen is low or disproportionate.

Our financial expertise at Financial Divorce Solutions is a perfect complement to the mediation process. We take time to educate and empower both parties as to their options relating to the division of their marital property.  As a result, both parties are able to make well-informed decisions that more closely align to their true interests and objectives. We deliver our information in a neutral and objective manner that helps couples to remain committed to the mediation process and finding their solutions together.

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As an advocate, you are responsible for seeing your client through the entire divorce process while overcoming numerous obstacles that fall outside of your control. At Financial Divorce Solutions, our expert and detailed financial consulting will help you quickly overcome issues such as:

  • Unrealistic client expectations (financial or otherwise)
  • Unrealistic expectations from opposing counsel and/or their client
  • High level of subjectivity by the courts as it relates to the division of marital income, assets and debt
  • Financial reports from opposing counsel prepared by less-than-qualified parties

At Financial Divorce Solutions, we will help you be a more financially savvy advocate and to arrive at more favorable settlement agreements for your clients. Our work is clean, thorough and professional.

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Are you nearing retirement and facing a divorce? Find out how we can help you be strategic about dividing assets and planning for retirement.

If you are a business owner or are divorcing a business owner there are many special considerations for how to handle the business and income. We help you find the best possible solution for your divorce.

We help you find peace of mind by creating a plan for your separation, pre-divorce and post-divorce finances.

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